The turn of the century ushered in a new generation of women who wore makeup (gasp!) Between 1900 and 1910 makeup was still a taboo subject yet most women did something to enhance their personal beauty. Glossing lips, rouging cheeks, and powdering skin were performed by most young women on a daily basis. Most makeup was homemade however some new brands were forming women’s beauty products including makeup.  Achieving the 1900s and 1910s makeup look is very easy however finding good makeup is not. Most modern makeup has shine and shimmer added to eyeshadow, rouge and lipstick. These look out of place on a Gibson Girl face.  After a careful search online we were able to find a handful of natural and reproduction makeup products that will give you an authentic Edwardian face. Start browsing below or click here for our guide to Victorian-era makeup. 

1900 1910 Makeup Products