The youthquake movement of the 60s had women turning their faces back in time. The doll face look with baby pink lips and exaggerated eyelashes lasted most of the decade. 60s mod makeup went a step further with outlined eyelids, double thick fake eyelashes and drawn on lower eyelashes. Bright blue eyeshadow or another color that matched a mod outfit was another option.  The 60s hippie makeup was the opposite of the mods.  All natural was the way to go although many women couldn’t quite adjust to wearing nothing. Instead, they opted for light brown mascara and a clear gloss lip. Face powder was used sparingly as well as a blusher.  For every woman who wasn’t an extreme mod or hippie the makeup look was as follows:

60s Makeup Guide:

Powder: Light flesh tone or sunkissed tan powder or liquid base
Blush: Rosey pink with warm brown to contour underneath the cheek bones
Eye Shadow: Pinkish-white, aqua blue, green, sky blue, brown. Heavy shadow on the lid.
Liner/mascara: Dark brown or black applied thick. False lashes optional.
Lipstick: Peach, berry, light pink. Pale, thin lips, outlined darker and topped with gloss.
Eyebrows: Naturally arched and feathered. Brown powder added to light hair.

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1960s Makeup and Beauty Products