GS Nation: More Than a Work Out

I’ve known Dave Robinson for a few years now.  The roads of our personal and professional lives have woven back and forth over the many mountains and valleys we’ve each had to traverse.  We always seem to keep bumping into each other. When we first met, he was wearing suits every day and living that 9-to-5 life. Throughout those mountains and valleys, he began to find refuge and happiness through his workouts, focusing on his personal growth, and eventually from inviting people to come along for the challenge. It all started with a workout streak. He kept himself accountable via social media and using the “Get Strapped Stay Strapped” mantra to keep it going. That’s where GS Nation started. It’s so much more now.

Today, Dave is on day 908 of working out. He has left the suit behind. He’s working every day to bring a vision to life. He’s building a fitness community here in Richmond and beyond. It’s coming to life, growing, and taking shape. It’s inspiring to watch unfold. He’s changing lives along the way.

We recently met up for coffee to catch up.  I left so impressed with his holistic approach to fitness and wellness. He’s leveraging the principles of community to get the job done. At GS Nation, he his new team of trainers and coaches offer simple and approachable workouts for a variety of fitness levels. In addition, GS Nation serves up personal training, custom meal planning, weekend excursions, and more. GS Nation invites local yoga and mindfulness studios to nurture the mind, too.

How It Works

GS Nation offers all of these services for one-time fees or for monthly and annual memberships, which bring the best value. The video you watched at the top of this post (made by my super talented baby brother) is an example of a group workout he likes to call Hump Day Hills. The atmosphere was positive. He pushed us all to reach a little higher and push a little further, but with a smile.  Members and nonmembers alike smiled right back. At the end, we were all exhausted, but pleased. The friendly atmosphere lingered. Everyone wanted to keep talking and getting to know each other. Sometimes members go out after workouts together. Moments like this build community and accountability. That’s how you build a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.  View monthly and annual membership information here. 

There’s an App for That

The support doesn’t end there. Dave has put together one of most comprehensive apps I’ve ever seen. From meal planning, to workout tracking, to progress photos, its got it all if you really want to get it together. I’ve just downloaded it and know a good friend who plans to put it to use on her fitness and wellness journey.  Download it here.

The Giveaway

As a part of the Sweet Sauce RVA Fit Guide, we’re excited to share yet another impressive resource in the Richmond Community. And we want you to get a chance to experience it! We’re giving away an annual membership, valued at $249.95. Simply offer up your email address in the pop-up form when you enter the website or on the side bar to the right. We’ll announce the winner this FRIDAY, AUGUST 10. Bonus points if you comment on the Instagram video and tag a workout buddy.

Join me again this Wednesday on Insta Stories for a preview of Hump Day Hills. Better yet, come on and join me. It’s $9.95 for non-members.

Thank you for inspiring us all, Dave! Richmond is lucky to have a bright, driven spirit like yours.


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