Hotter’s Donna Heels New vs Old Design

A few weeks ago I mentioned Hotter shoes (my favorite, most comfortable vintage style shoe brand) modified their best selling Donna heel into the new Donna 2.  The new shoes have some improvements over the original Donna heels which may not be obvious just by looking at pictures. So I give you my first ever video review comparing the old and new Hotter Donna heels side by side.

This review is sponsored by Hotter shoes who also provided me with a complimentary pair of shoes (Thank you!) Links within may be affiliate links meaning at no cost to you I may receive a small commission if you purchase Hotter’s shoes.

Given that this is my first video please pardon the imperfections, lack of editing and the sniffles (darn kids!) If you like these I will be glad to keep making them.

Onto the review:

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Donna 1 vs Donna 2 Compared

Donna 1 (Right, Blue) and Donna 2 (Left, Black)

A. Donna 1 has a rounded square toe, Donna 2 has an almond shaped toe

Hotter Donna 2 (black) has a pointy almond toe while the original Donna has a square toe

Donna 2 (black) has a pointy almond toe while the original Donna has a square toe

B. Both Donna versions are wider than most shoe brands making them much more comfortable for people with wide-ish feet. Many colors also come in extra wide sizes. There was no difference in width between the old and new design.

C. Both Donna’s have a very comfortable soft and squishy insole. The original Donna’s had a thicker insole but they are no more or less comfortable than the new Donna 2 heels.

Hotter shoes Donna 2 has a slightly shorter heel height

Donna 2 has a slightly shorter heel height

D. The heel height of the new Donna 2 is a bit lower than the original. It feels more stable at this height.

E. Sizing for USA customers runs large. Hotter’s heels, in general, run a half size large (but not the boots or casual shoes.) The Donna 2 seems to be running even larger. I am a US 6.5 and received a size 6 in the new Donna 2 and they are still too big. I would need a size 5.5 to have them fit perfectly. I will be keeping the size 6 just because I do like the extra room.  Exchanges are free so if you don’t get the right size the first time you can try again.

F. Sale! If you are a new customer you can get the Donna heels (or any Hotter shoes) for 40% off plus free shipping to the USA (and UK.) Use my exclusive code “Vintage40”

Returning customers can take advantage of seasonal sales such as the current Holiday sale which brings the Donna down to $89 (was $129.)

Have a question about the new Donna 2? Ask me. 

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