Mugler-Inspired Costumes: Part Two

Just in time for Halloween, we’re sharing Part Two of our Mugler-Inspired Costumes! As we learned in our previous post, Thierry Mugler used his runway to play out exotic fashion fantasies – everything from insects to angels, robots to rhinestone cowgirls appeared in his whimsical presentations. You’ll notice that unlike today’s fashion shows, these presentations were full of movement; rather than disappearing behind the clothing, Mugler’s models act out his elaborate stories with emotion. Dancing, running, marching, flirting, and even bobsledding (see below!) were not unusual in Mugler’s world.  

We hope you find the perfect costume for your own personal catwalk on Halloween!

Note: all photos by Michel Arnaud, Gift of Arnaud Associates.

Bobsledder, F/W 1984

082226Army of Insects, S/S 1997

082174Snow Queen, F/W 1981

082188Star Wars Extra, F/W 1983

082180Can Can Dancer, S/S 1982

082208Revealing Robot, F/W 1995

082200Hollywood Starlet, F/W 1995


082195Barbarella, F/W 1991

082171Superhero, S/S 1991

082157Mermaid, S/S 1989

082178Flower, S/S 1982

082203Rhinestone Cowgirl, S/S 1992

082144Angel, F/W 1984

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