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Old fashioned dresses and clothing bring up memories of Little House on the Prairie, Anne of Green Gables, Somewhere in Time, and romantic lace tea dresses with matching hats.  We love historic, modest, old dresses trimmed in lace, ruffles and embroidery. These long old time dresses or shorter tea length gowns span the Victorian era to the 1910s Edwardian era. From the simple pioneer dress and bonnet to the lavish Titanic evening gowns we found many old timey dresses for you online. Click to shop all the colors and sizes available from each online store. For later vintage styles such as 20s flapper dress, 30s Art deco gowns, 40s tea dresses or 50s housedresses look at theme retro vintage dresses. Or go back earlier in time to the 18th-century colonial era.

Old fashioned dresses, old time dresses, old timey dresses

Old fashioned dresses, romantic old dresses inspired by the Victorian era, pioneer woman, Anne of Green Gables and Titanic dinner gowns. Olt timey dresses with sleeves, long hemlines, plus sizes, and modest designs.

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