Simple Summer Travel Look: Striped Linen Dress

Here we are in the midst of summer. The days are starting to grow shorter as the summer solstice has passed, but the temperatures always seem to creep higher in late July and August. I don’t think I love my dresses more than I do this time of year. I thrive in the southern heat more easily than the next person. I’d much rather find myself with a bit of sweat on my brow than wearing a damp winter coat in February. I still need to keep cool, especially as I travel more than ever before. I have been stocking my closet with one-and-done items all summer for simple chic looks. This striped linen dress just made its way into my suitcase. I’ve already worn in twice.

I found the striped linen dress on sale at Mod & Soul just before my latest trip to Colonial Beach for a feature in Richmond Magazine. I spent the weekend eating seafood, going to bed early, talking to new people, and listening to chickens, rivers, and bugs. I barely noticed it was there and felt put together and prepared for any situation. The dress may have been one of the last in store. So, I found several like it from Mod & Soul and some other favorite brands (linked above and below). I’m thinking of adding a few to my suitcase before I head to Greece later this summer. Simply adding a few staple accessories can certainly have you feeling like a classy, well traveled broad.

The Accessories

I have a hard time finding hats that appropriately fit my tiny head. Seriously. It’s an issue. Most of my favorite hats are kids sizes. I recently ruined my favorite straw hat at Firefly Music Festival, and to ease my pain, I scooped this one up at Mod & Soul and it fits nice and tight. It kept the sun out of my face from the beach to the farm house. It was also light enough that it didn’t make me sweat any more than I already was–a crucial feature. It was also the perfect pal to the striped linen dress I wore on repeat. I found a bunch more like for you to shop below. Invest wisely in these, my friends. You’ll want to wear it over and over again.

I have Stefanie of According to Blaire to thank for the world’s most comfortable wedges, and I’m seriously thinking of ordering them in tan before the summer is over. They’re easy walking shoes wherever you are, and take an outfit up a notch without causing discomfort or slowing you down.

These gold hoop earrings are going to be in regular rotation. The Mod + Jo brand has captured my attention. I love simple, gold accessories that you can wear every day. I’m no fuss when it comes to jewelry. Next up, I’m going to make sure the gold coin layered necklace makes its way into my bag before I head to Greece in a couple of weeks.

striped linen dressstriped linen dressstriped linen dress outfitI

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