Summer to Winter Style: Four Ways Glow in the Cold

Summer to Winter Style: Four Ways Glow in the Cold

Is it just me, or did we kind of skip over fall around here? I was feeling a bit gloomy after returning from Thailand and launching right into Thanksgiving and Christmas planning. There were near-freezing temps waking me up every day in Virginia–a far cry from 80+ degree jungle vibes in Thailand.

I did, however, return home to fall back in love with some of my favorite fall finds like this olive green LOFT leather jacket and my Earth brand booties. I also had this gorgeous Mona Monet dress I wore in Thailand. I wanted to wear it again. It got me thinking that I didn’t have to leave summer behind. So, here I am writing about it.

I’ve put together four tips to bring your summer style into winter:

Get Your Jacket Game Right

Layers, layers, layers! I can’t stress this enough. My jacket and blazer collection has grown larger and larger during the past couple years. Leather jackets are by far the best layering accessory for your summer styles if you want to bring summer into the winter. Pair them over a summer dress with boots. Throw on a scarf if it’s colder than you’d like.

Don’t Forget Your Summer Dresses

This might be a good time to take a good look at some of your summer frocks. They may have been worn hard and put up wet, as my dad would say. If you want to wear them, give them a good cleaning. Dont walk around with those stains from the summer’s Firefly Music Festival or that party at the beach. Lately I’ve been using Biz Stain Fighter for just about any stain I find. If something is more delicate, I use Dryel’s Dry Cleaning Kit.

Make Your Skin Glow

This might be an unexpected addition here. I think it’s an important trick to mention. The winter can take a quick toll on your skin. The heat, the drinking, the lack of vitamin D–they all play a role in dimming your summer glow. Again and again I’ve come back to Mac’s Smack to take care of my skin, especially my face. As you know, I have eczema. The winter is especially tough for me. I can still glow, though.

The locally made skincare brand brings natural, sulfate and paraben-free skincare and beauty products to your doorstep. The latest additions to my toolkit include the Purify Exfoliating Face Mask (I use about once a week), the Transcend Elixir Antioxidant Facial Oil (anytime I wash my face I follow with this), and the Highlighting Skin Balm (I put it on my cheeks, eyes, and even my shoulders for an extra glow before I head out.

Rock Your Summer Accessories Proudly

From shades to jewelry, don’t put those “summer-only” items away with your bikinis. There’s no reason you can’t wear your crochet earrings with your fall booties. These pretty little babies from Mona Monet match with EVERYTHING. I can wear them with sweaters and coats effortlessly. I don’t feel trapped by the winter when I wear them. Also, don’t forget about your sunnies. The sun still shines during the winter, sometimes even brighter.  I just picked up these suuuuper affordable prescription sunglasses from Discount Glasses.

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Good luck!

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