There’s an App for that: Stress-Free Donations and Returns with ReRunner

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There’s an App for that: Stress-Free Donations and Returns with ReRunner

I wrote in this Style Weekly article that consumers returned $283 billion worth of purchases in 2014, according to the National Retail Federation. By 2017, the return rate has increased to $400 billion annually. We all know the struggle: A car trunk full of boxes and bags. They’re ready to be donated or they’re waiting to be returned. Sometimes your returns never even make it to the post office, do they? Big bummer for you, the environment, and the stores from which you loyally shop. Well, now there’s help. Enter ReRunner, Richmond’s newest tech start-up, just right for fashion lovers like me and you.

What is ReRunner

ReRunner is the Uber of returns and donations. They work with 48 different retailers from Banana Republic to Best Buy to return items that no longer work for you. They’ll come right to you or you can drop off your items at one of their drop off locations. They’ll also donate your items to Goodwill. That’s what’s happening in my car below. I’ve sold as many clothes as I can to consignment shops in the area. What I have left are items I’d like to donate.  They don’t know what’s been hiding in there! Can’t wait to release the baggage, literally.

Right now, ReRunner serves 35 mile radius of downtown Richmond. I talked with the owner, and you can bet she’s not stopping here. So many stores poorly manage returns. They’re coming in to help take care of it all. 

How it Works
Buy item from Target.
Realize it doesn’t fit you right or you actually hate the pattern in daylight (or 30 other reasons you can return something).
Hop onto and sign up. It’s only $10 per retail return.
Look out for texts from ReRunner.
Drop off or have your items picked up.
Say bye bye to the times.
Watch the money return to your card magically.
Go forth and be awesome.

Shop the Look: Top / Pants / Shoes / Sunglasses

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